Ear Posting Guide

There are many different methods and types of supplies vets and breeders use to post cropped ears. The following is the method that I have used over the years that has been the least expensive, easiest, and fastest means of ear posting that I have tried. Continue posting your Doberman’s ears until they are standing consistently on their own and have the look that you are striving for. This may take as little as 3 weeks or up to six months or more. Be consistent and be patient. For every day or two that you leave your puppy’s ears unwrapped, you are adding at least another week of wrapping in the future. I suggest posting the ears for 3-4 days at a time, unwrapping/cleaning the ears and letting them air out overnight or up to 12 hours. Then repost them for another 3-4 days and repeat the cycle again.


Duct Tape
Masking tape or Athletic Cloth Tape
Super Plus size tampons (must have cardboard applicators)
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton Balls or Gauze
Pair of Scissors with a blunt tip
Mineral Spirits or mineral oil

Preparing the Posts

1. Unwrap the tampon and push the cotton tampon about 2/3 out of the cardboard applicator. Using duct tape, tape the cotton tampon to the applicator.

2. Pull the top part of the cardboard applicator outward to make the post longer. Tape the two pieces of the applicator together using duct tape so that they no longer slide in and out.

3. Next, cut a 6” piece of duct length wise so that you have 2 pieces that are about 1” wide. With the sticky side facing outward, wind the tape around the entire post starting from where the applicator meets the cotton tampon all the way up to the top of the post. Use as much duct tape as is needed to completely wrap the length of the post. Repeat this for the other post.

Posting the Ears:

4. First, clean the ears using a cotton ball or gauze that has some rubbing alcohol on it. To make sure the tape sticks well, you will need to wipe the ears inside and outside to remove dirt and oil.
5. Take one of the posts and insert the cotton portion into the base of ear snuggly. You must make sure that the post is in far enough so that it won’t pop out of the base of the ear if the puppy shakes its head. Once the post is fitted to the ear, gently smooth the ear in an upward direction so that it sticks to the post. If the post is too tall for your puppy’s ear size, carefully cut the top of the applicator off, but make sure that the tip of the ear does not exceed the size of the post or you will end up having an ear tip that flips inward.
6. At the base of the ear on the side that was not cut (nearest to the top of the head), you should notice that the ear has a flap that folds backwards. When wrapping the ear base, allow this flap to be folded slightly. If you do not, the flap will try to fix itself after it’s been taped and a sore is very likely to occur. Using either masking tape or athletic cloth tape, wrap a piece of tape around the base of the ear and around the post. Do not wrap the tape tightly or you will cut off circulation to the ear and cause irreparable damage. The best way is to stick the tape to the area and gently smooth it to the ear as you wrap it around the post. If you smooth the tape as you go, you are less likely to wrap the tape too tightly. The tape just needs to stick to the ear and the post and you can add many layers to keep it in place rather than taping the ear tightly.
7. Continue taping the ear all the way to the tip as you did in step 6. Make sure to cover the tip so that it doesn’t curl outward or get damaged if the puppy tries to remove the posts.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the other ear.

9. Using a 12” piece of masking or athletic tape, make a bridge between the two ears by wrapping one end of the tape around the base of one ear and the other end around the base of the other ear and back to the first ear. You can repeat this step several times if needed to add some strength to the tape so that the bridge won’t break. When forming the bridge, make sure that the ears are standing straight and are not tilted inward or outward. However you tape the ears in position is how they will stand in the future.

Removing the Ear Posts

1. To remove the tape without pulling off hair or hurting the puppy, pour a small amount of mineral spirits/oil to the tape on the back of the ear and wait a few seconds. You need to use enough mineral spirits to soak through the tape to unstick the glue on the tape.
2. Using blunt tipped scissors, cut the tape length wise from the back of the ear going straight up the middle. This method will prevent you from cutting the edge of the ear or cutting off the tip of the ear accidentally. Peel the two halves of the tape apart. If needed, add a little bit more mineral spirits if the tape is still sticking to the ear.
3. You may also need to apply a small amount of mineral spirits to the ear post itself if it is still sticking in the ear. It should then pull out very easily and without removing hair or skin.
4. Finally, clean the ears using rubbing alcohol on cotton balls or gauze.
5. Allow the ears to rest for up to 12 hours so they can air out, which will help to prevent ear infections from occurring.

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