Dog training is somewhat of an art form but basic rules do apply in teaching skills in an effective, easy to learn manner.  A systematic approach with accurate timing is the key in teaching new commands and maintaining clear communication between human and canine.  As with all creatures (including the human variety), dogs learn boundaries and expectations through repetition and the consequences that follow, both positive and negative.

Dobie Detectives Training Academy demonstrates and educates owners in how to effectively use body language, calming signals, psychology, clear timing, consequences, and step-wise instruction for training dogs in the quickest manner possible.  Because every dog is different, techniques may be altered as necessary to speed learning and comprehension for specific individuals.  There is no “one-size fits all” in dog training so cookie cutter methods will not work for every dog.  A trainer must be able to adapt and offer new training techniques if a dog is not making progress with the methods previously being used.

A major reason that dog owners are unsatisfied with the training they may have received elsewhere is that they did did not implement proper techniques in teaching consequences.  While most of the training should be reward based and positively motivated, dogs must also learn how to avoid earning negative consequences by responding properly to commands in order to be completely balanced.  Dogs who listen to their owners only when food or toy is present are dogs who are choosing when they will cooperate with their owners.  Conversely, dogs who listen to their owners primarily when yelled at or given a leash correction are also dogs that will push the limits and owners will feel like they are always having to use force to get compliance.  It is essential that owners understand how to use positive and negative consequences properly so that they can get the absolute best behavior from the dog without relying on force or bribes.

Dogs are wonderful at reading body language (both canine and human), which can be a powerful tool for owners to understand and utilize.  Often, communication between dog and owner is confused because of conflicting verbal commands and body language.  Dobie Detectives Training Academy helps owners to understand the silent language of dogs to better the relationship between canine and human.  Dogs have a lot of responsibility in learning the verbal language of their owners.  It is only fair that the owner learn and harness canine body language and pack mentality when expecting a dog to fit into human society.

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Clickers are a popular dog training tool that are also used by many zoos in training wild animals.  By using the clicker and positive reinforcement techniques, both wild and domestic animals can learn many different commands for various behaviors.  If an animal can hear sound, it can benefit from a clicker.  For deaf dogs or other animals, the clicker can be substituted for a hand signal or LED light to communicate a job well done!