Rennie's Story

When I found a dog in the middle of Renner Rd in late January 2007 I had to call animal control to come use the pole on her. She was terrified, vicious, and although I couldn't get close to her I knew I had to get her off the street. As they drove her off to the Richardson Animal Shelter I couldn't help but worry about the fate of this poor pup. They held her for five days for her rightful owners to claim her but it was clear that no one was going to show up on her behalf. On the morning of her "parole" I decided that I had to adopt her myself - it was a huge commitment but I knew I couldn't just walk away from her and never look back. Needless to say, she had clearly suffered some abuse/neglect and it was creating quite a behavioral challenge for me. She was extremely insecure and the result was some serious fear aggression that needed to be addressed. After doing much research I found Shannon and I decided to enter Rennie into her "board and train" program for 3.5 weeks. The dog I dropped off to Shannon was not the same dog I got back - Rennie was much calmer, balanced and disciplined. I could tell right off the bat she was a much happier dog. She was more in control of herself and much more confident. She came back home to me not only able to do commands such as down, sit and stay but she would ring her bell at my back door when she had to go potty (yes, she was finally housebroken!!!) Before I took her to Shannon I was not sure I'd be able to keep Rennie - she was just too much to handle. However, thanks to Shannon's patience and outstanding dog training ability, I am happy to say that finding Rennie is by far one of the best things that has happened to me. I can't imagine my life without her now and I have Shannon to thank for that!!


Pilot's Story

Pilot is a new dog. It was the best investment we ever made. Before training, living with Pilot was at times a nightmare and left us wondering what we were doing with a big dog and a small baby. He was completely dysfunctional and could not be trusted if we were not watching him every moment, which was impossible with our new daughter. Shannon changed everything for us and for Pilot as well. We love our new life with Pilot. He enjoys being an actual member of the family. He can go with us out in the front yard (no leash) while still obeying our commands, absolutely loves going on car rides, our guests are no longer prisoners in our home and he and our daughter are best friends. He has learned to respect her, her space, and her toys. We can't thank Shannon enough for giving us a new dog! We would do it again in a heartbeat!


Alfa's Story

We adopted Alfa when he was 3 years old and definitely got more than we expected. Little did we realize that he had a hard life, possibly being tied up or physically abused. He did not learn to trust easily, was very possessive, and did not react well to any sort of discipline. After having been bitten by him, regularly getting into confrontations, and experiencing failure at a "bring your dog in weekly" dog training program, we decided to give him one more shot with Dobie Detectives. After an extended stay, Alfa returned a completely different dog. He responds well now to verbal commands, including releasing objects that he's picked up, getting off of furniture, and even coming back when called. Although he's not perfect, he now accepts corrections without becoming aggressive and and can even spend time alone in the house without expecting to come back to a disaster. Thank you Shannon!


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I started my Great Dane Vinnie last winter in a 6 week course in basic obedience with Shannon and just love her way of training. Her methods are down to earth and easy to understand. I frequently drop him off with her for daycare or overnights, when I'm busy.........he RUNS to her door, when I let him out of the car. I have referred several people to Shannon and I highly recommend her.


Charlie & Jake

Thank you so much for teaching us how to control our dogs, and teaching our dogs how to be well-behaved members of our family! Before Dobie Detectives, Charlie was a hyperactive, stubborn ball of energy who ruled the house. After your basic obedience course, Charlie gained manners, and my husband and I took back the reigns. When we got our second dog, Jake, we knew right where to take him-straight to Dobie Detectives. He was a rescue dog, so he came to us extremely timid and easily distracted from training or commands. You helped him come out of his shell while remaining controlled and eager to please us, his owners. We've kept up the training and now both of our dogs are calm, well-behaved "heel-ers," "come-ers," and "down stay-ers." We especially liked how easy your training techniques were for us to learn and use-we were able to use your clicker training at home, in the car, or out and about-anywhere we took our dogs. Without your help, our house would be a chaotic mess! Thank you Shannon and Dobie Detectives!

-Jenny & Michael