Dobie Detectives is now offering scent detection classes and workshops to the general public. Previously, this training was only offered to members of a search and rescue team. If you are looking for something fun and new to do with your dog, or you are wanting to get involved in search and rescue (SAR), or you are currently a search dog handler who wants more practice time, this just may be the class for you. Private sessions will also be available if you would like individual attention to learn these skills or need help in correcting issues with your current search dog. No experience is necessary to enroll in our Beginner Level 1 Workshops.

Participants are encouraged to practice what they learn in class on their own or with their classmates to continue making progress in their training. Classes will be broken down by experience level and difficulty and you may enroll in higher level classes to continue your training as they are offered. Please note that due to the intensity and amount of information involved in training scent detector dogs, multiple classes will be necessary to fully train your dog. For those interested in training a search dog in hopes of deploying on real search missions under a search team, it generally takes 18 months or longer to be able to pass a certification test.

We will be routinely offering classes in Human Remains Detection-HRD (aka Cadaver training) but can also help those interested in other areas of scent detection (such as bird hunting, blood tracking game animals, pet detection, search and rescue) as requested.  For those just wanting to train scent detection for fun, you can opt to learn how to locate a different target odor (bottled animal scent) in the Scent Detector classes.

Dogs must be 4 months or older to start training and any dogs that show aggression towards other dogs or any people will not be permitted to stay in the class. All breeds are welcome, even those tiny little chihuahuas or mixed breeds. Handlers must be at least 14 years old to participate.

All classes and workshops are instructed by certified search dog handlers.

Scent Works Photo Gallery
Want to see what all the fun is about in our Scent Works classes?  Click on the picture and bark 3 times to sneak a peak at the “secret” society of scent detection students...okay, you don’t have to really bark!Scent_Works_Student_Gallery/Scent_Works_Student_Gallery.html

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A dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be at least 44 times greater than a  human’s.  Generally, the larger breeds of dogs that have longer muzzles have the most scent receptor cells...about 220 million plus.  Smaller breeds and those with flatter noses have fewer scent receptor cells, approximately 125-150 million.  Man has only 5 million scent receptor cells.
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Beginner Level 1 Human Remains/Scent DetectionLevel_1_Beginner_Scent_Detection.html
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