Lessons will be conducted in the client's home in the following areas:

  1. BulletPlano

  2. BulletAllen

  3. BulletRichardson

  4. BulletMcKinney

  5. BulletFrisco

Additional driving fees may be charged per lesson for clients who live outside of the areas listed above.

Please speak with a trainer first to help decide which program will best suit your needs before purchasing. Payment for services is required before or on the first lesson day. A 3.2% fee will be added for on-line purchases for services.

Fast Paced Obedience

Think of this program as a do-it-yourself board & train course in the comfort of your own home!   This course consists of 8 one hour lessons over the span of 3 weeks and one follow-up lesson at the 4 to 5 week mark (total of 9 lessons). Dogs should be at least 10 weeks of age to start this program.  Course includes the following: potty training, ring a bell on command, watch me, sit, down, stay, come, heel on-lead, off, leave it, and drop it. The cost of this course is $625. Additional follow-up lessons to review over course commands are $60 each. Clicker and training materials included.

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    Doberman Puppies



Puppies are learning whether you teach them or not, both good and bad behaviors. It's much easier to prevent issues than to fix them later.

Start your puppy in formal training and instill good manners at a young age, preferably 8-10 weeks old. Continue working with your puppy consistently through the first year to minimize and prevent unwanted behaviors later in its adult life.  A structured puppyhood will result in a more consistent and reliable dog for the future.